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World Bank
Project Performance Assessment Report Indonesia: Indonesia HIV/AIDS and STDs Prevention and Management Project
The World Bank, 13 June 2005, 57 pp

Report No.: 32572 (Loan No. 3981)

The source of this document is the World Bank. Reproduced with the kind permission of the World Bank.


"This is a Project Performance Assessment Report (PPAR) for the Indonesia HIV/AIDS and STDs Prevention and Management Project (Ln. 3981-IND). The Loan was approved on March 27, 1996, and became effective on May 15, 1996. It provided financing for institutional development for HIV/AIDS and STD prevention, and for pilot interventions to reduce transmission of HIV/AIDS and STDs in Jakarta and Riau Provinces, along with complementary support to centrally provided Ministry of Health (MOH) services. The $35.2 million total Project cost was to be financed by an IBRD loan of $24.8 million, and $10.4 million in financing by the Government of Indonesia. Following major Project management problems and in the wake of the Indonesian financial, social and political crises that erupted beginning in mid-1997, $19.8 million of the loan - 80 percent - was cancelled in 1998. The remainder of the loan continued to disburse until the original closing date of September 30, 1999. Total disbursements amounted to $4.5 million."

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