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USAID/Indonesia HIV/AIDS Expanded Response Strategy 2002-2007
USAID/Indonesia, December 2003, 77 pp

"This revised strategy for the period 2002-2007 is designed to provide the programmatic structure for an expanded USAID response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Indonesia. Highest priorities in the expanded Indonesia strategy include:the development of effective surveillance systems in all ten sites; the finalization of the HIV/AIDS test kit analysis, the establishment of national test procedures, and support for VCT testing in each intervention area; the initiation of IDU interventions in priority urban sites to address the rapid expansion of injecting drug use among urban youth and young adults; significant expansion of capacity development efforts for local NGOs and KPADs; continued support for phased Mass Media Campaigns and initiatives including the design and implementation of sub-campaigns appropriate for the Papua and Riau areas: increased efforts to encourage advocacy and participation in HIV/AIDS issues, activities and dialogue among senior-level government officials, nationally known personalities and respected religious leaders."

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