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ILO Programme on HIV/AIDS and the World of Work
Workplace Action on HIV/AIDS: Identifying and Sharing Best Practice
International Labour Organization, 2003, 74 pp

Background report for Tripartite Interregional Meeting on Best Practices in HIV/AIDS Workplace Policies and Programmes 15-17 December 2003, ILO, Geneva.


"The ILO Governing Body allocated resources to an inter-regional tripartite meeting on best practices in HIV/AIDS workplace policies and programmes, taking place at the ILO in Geneva from 15 to 17 December 2003. We see this meeting as a crucial step in the process of implementing the Code of Practice and promoting effective action at the workplace. The present report draws on the analysis of key issues, summarizes selected case studies and presents a number of the lessons learned. It is the working paper for the meeting, and reflects the themes that will be examined in greater depth in working groups. The ILO intends to take the proceedings and conclusions of the meeting to produce a comprehensive reference and guidance document on workplace action to combat HIV/AIDS. We look forward to rich discussions at the meeting, drawing on a wide range of experiences, to provide the heart of what we believe will be an extremely useful document."

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