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Hodges, Jane
Guidelines On Addressing HIV/AIDS in the Workplace Through Employment and Labour Law
International Labour Office, Geneva, January 2004, 59 pp

"The ILO’s In-Focus Programme on Social Dialogue, Labour Law and Labour Administration (IFP/DIALOGUE) has produced these Guidelines as a practical tool to assist policy-makers in choosing the right option in their fight against HIV/AIDS. Research has examined the labour force and demographic issues, the implications arising from the loss of household income and livelihood, the effects on agriculture and food security, productivity losses, and the implications for government macro-economic planning, including social protection schemes. Studies have also been published on the regulatory frameworks that can prevent further spread of infection and protect decent working conditions for persons living with HIV/AIDS. This publication provides technical guidance on how best to incorporate, taking into account the various national circumstances and legal traditions, the body of international principles that have arisen in the field of labour law, in particular citing innovative and successful examples of the substantive content of employment and labour laws. In addition, it provides some examples in the area of enforcement. The aim of this publication is to provide specific, workable and practical examples of how to include in labour and employment laws the concepts of prevention, protection and
care/support of persons living with HIV/AIDS. It is designed for policy-makers within governments, legislators, workers’ organizations, employers’ organizations, national AIDS Councils, labour lawyers and judges and, indeed, all practitioners and technicians involved
in labour rights and the quest for decent work."

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