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ILO Global Programme on HIV/AIDS and the World of Work
HIV/AIDS and Work: Global Estimates, Impact and Response
International Labour Organization, Geneva, 2004, 113 pp
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"The report opens with an overview of the information conveyed by the main tables on the impact of HIV/AIDS on the male and female labour force, providing a summary of the most notable estimates (Chapter 1). Part I of the report then goes on to address three major areas of implications for the world of work: estimates of the macroeconomic fallout of the impact of HIV/AIDS on the labour force (Chapter 2); a review of the impact of HIV/AIDS on the workplace - on the private sector and the public sector, on agriculture and on the
informal economy (Chapter 3); and an analysis of the impact of the epidemic on the household, on women’s productive activities, and on child labour (Chapter 4). Part II addresses the policy implications of the tables and of the review and analysis of the impact of HIV/AIDS (Chapter 5). Here, also, the ILO provides snapshots of the response to HIV/AIDS in the working world - from governments, enterprises, workers’ organizations and the ILO itself (Chapter 6). Th e ILO’s goal is to highlight the crucial contribution that the world of work has already made in HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment, care and support, and to underscore the extraordinary potential of the workplace for intensifi ed and broadened action globally."

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