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ADB - Asian Development Bank
Poverty Implications of HIV/AIDS in the Pacific
ADB, 2006, 30 pp

Technical Assistance Consultant's Report.

Reproduced with permission from the Asian Development Bank from the ADB website,


"The initial sections of this report outline the dimensions of poverty within the Pacific. The methods used to quantify poverty are examined, along with the performance of selected Pacific developing member countries (PDMC) where poverty data exist. Fiji Islands and PNG are highlighted as case studies to examine increased HIV/AIDS cases and poverty levels. The HIV/AIDS situation in the Pacific then is provided in context for the poverty modeling analysis. The report explains how this impacts incomes, as well as health expenditures and non-health expenditures, for households across the five income quintiles in Fiji Islands and PNG. It quantifies the number of households in each quintile falling into poverty, and aggregates the data corresponding to HIV infection projections for each country. Key findings from the study are highlighted in the Conclusions section. Recommendations are made from the perspective of national governments and development partners. A broad range of assumptions and data have been used to quantify poverty impacts for the case studies. As many of these parameters are subjective, they carry a degree of uncertainty. To ensure transparency, the main assumptions are outlined in the Appendix that follows the References section of the report."

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