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Global Reach: How Trade Unions Are Responding to AIDS: Case Studies of Union Action
UNAIDS Best Practice Collection/06.23E
UNAIDS, July 2006, 72 pp
92 9 173519 1

Reproduced with the kind permission of UNAIDS.


"Global Reach: how trade unions are responding to AIDS is a set of 11 case studies which illustrate the wide range of responses by trade unions to the HIV epidemic. It is now well known that the workplace has vast potential for limiting the damaging effects of the HIV epidemic. Workplace programmes that protect rights, support prevention, and provide access to care and treatment can help mitigate the impact of the virus. Yet though the importance of the workplace and the role of employers is generally recognized, the contribution of working people and their organizations has often been overlooked. This report shows that trade unions, assisted by global union federations, have adopted a wide range of workplace responses to AIDS. These include challenging stigma and discrimination, addressing the factors that facilitate the spread of HIV, providing care and treatment, educating their members on prevention, and building worldwide coalitions that campaign for more to be done to tackle the disease."

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