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Hugo, Graeme
Population Mobility and HIV/AIDS in Indonesia
Indonesia: Internal and International Population Mobility: Implications for the Spread of HIV/AIDS
UNDP South East Asia HIV and Development Programme; UNAIDS Indonesia; ILO Indonesia, November 2001, 235 pp
Url 2001-26%20Population%20Mobility%20and%20HIV%20AIDS%20in%20Indonesia.pdf

"The aim of this study is to use existing information to provide a comprehensive picture of the levels, patterns, composition and trends of the various types of contemporary population mobility occurring within Indonesia, as well as from and to the country. Insofar as it is possible using existing data, the study aims to indicate how population mobility in Indonesia is linked to the existing and likely future diffusion of HIV/AIDS. It finds that, while undoubtedly such a relationship exists, there is a dearth of existing research and knowledge not only into the nature of the relationship but also the location of the places where mobility is influencing and likely to influence the spread of HIV/AIDS."

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