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Economic and Community Systems; Guam Cooperative Extension; University of Guam; Coral Life Foundation
Caring for Persons Living With HIV/AIDS On Guam: Needs Assessment Report and Guam HIV/AIDS Care Plan
May 2003, 139 pp

"This needs assessment study for Persons Living With HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) on Guam used both existing data from community agencies and health surveillance surveys (see Epi Profile Report pages 11 to 16), and a multi-method research design to collect data from key informants of PLWHA, their family care givers, and service providers on Guam (see Needs Assessment Research Methodology pages 17 to 19). Through a participatory research and planning process, these data facts were used by the community Advisory Group and their associates to identify nine (9) service needs and service gaps (see pages 71 to 82). The community then developed a shared list of values and a vision for a system of care services that they want to see developed to meet the needs of PLWHA on Guam (see pages 7 to 9). With these values and vision in mind, the community then developed specific identification of service resources for each of the nine needs, a listing of challenges and barriers for those needs, and finally a set of recommended actions to overcome the barriers. (see Guam HIV/AID Care Plan, pages 83 to 113)."

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