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du Guerny, Jacques; Lee-Nah Hsu
Mapping for the Health and Well-Being of Mobile Sex Workers and the Communities They Serve: the Case of Cambodia
UNDP - South East Asia HIV and Development Project, 3 pp
Url Asia%20-%20Mapping%20for%20the%20Health%20and%20Well-being%20of%20Mobile%20Sex%20Workers%20and%20the%20Communities%20They%20Serve%20-%20The%20Case%20of%20Cambodia%20(2002).pdf

"In 1999, the Cambodian National Centre for HIV/AIDS, Dermatology and STD (NCHAD), in partnership with the UNDP South East Asia HIV and Development Project (see box), conducted a mapping assessment along National Routes 1 and 5 of Cambodia to assess the HIV vulnerabilities of people along the route. After a national training workshop conducted in Phnom Penh on mapping methodology for mobility, the NCHAD staff and provincial AIDS Secretariats staff along the routes jointly conducted a mapping exercise with local communities, using a standardised questionnaire, between late August to early September 1999. Subsequent to the assessment, consultations with local communities and national dissemination workshops were conducted. Through this participatory approach, responses have been devised and implemented since 2000 to remedy the identified HIV vulnerabilities. An impact evaluation was conducted to ascertain whether there were any actions taken based on the mapping findings locally and if so, what were the impacts. This article reflects the findings from the mapping impact evaluation in Cambodia."

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