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Annan, Joseph; Benjamin Ofosu-Koranteng
National Development Planning and Implementation Strategy Note and Guide: The Answer Lies Within
UNDP, 2005, 32 pp

"This strategy document was developed by a team of development planners, HIV/AIDS specialists and leadership development facilitators under the auspices of the Development Planning and Implementation (DPI) service line of UNDP’s HIV/AIDS Group. The process began at the fi rst Resource Network Meeting held in Johannesburg, South Africa in June 2003. This intensive conceptual work was followed by a second meeting in Dakar, Senegal in September 2003 to include broad indicators and measurable processes that will aid implementation. Additional refinement of the strategy took place in New York throughout 2004. As the year 2005 marks MDG plus 5 the strategy offers a unique opportunity for national engagement in supporting action required to meet the time-bound qualitative targets of the MDGs. What has driven this work is the deep commitment of a wide range of participants to move away from ‘planning
as usual’ to generating a process that facilitates national action towards and generating extraordinary results for HIV/AIDS and development. Th is shift towards implementation is expected to bring about responses from national stakeholders that create the conditions that will reverse and halt HIV/AIDS in both low- and high-prevalence settings or in large federal or small states. Among the many positive impacts that a more integrated effort will have on households and communities, it will also bolster the drive to attaining the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) and the UNGASS Declaration of Commitment on HIV and AIDS. This document captures the thinking and experience of two years of development planning. It brings together transformational change techniques, HIV/AIDS response strategies and national development processes. As such, this report is part of UNDP’s series of tools and guides to support partner organizations and countries that wish to revisit existing or develop new national HIV/AIDS responses."

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