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International Planned Parenthood Federation
The Power of Prevention: Stories from JTF Projects in Africa and Asia
International Planned Parenthood Federation, 2003, 52 pp

The Government of Japan and IPPF signed an agreement to establish the Japan Trust Fund for HIV/AIDS (JTF) in September 2000.


"The Government of Japan's decision to commit funds to JTF has its roots in the Okinawa Infectious Diseases Initiative launched at the Kyushu-Okinawa G8 Summit in July 2000. Since then JTF has become a vital resource for the development of HIV/AIDS-related projects and has enabled many in the IPPF global network to initiate HIV/AIDS projects for the first time. Since its inception, JTF has successfully raised HIV/AIDS awareness at IPPF Regional Offices, resulting in the appointment of dedicated staff. Member Associations have received training assistance with proposal writing, project management, monitoring and evaluation, advocacy skills and the development of partnerships and collaborative working relationships with other organizations. Many Member Associations have been provided with an opportunity to initiate and implement HIV/AIDS projects and to integrate a continuum of HIV/AIDS care with their current range of family planning and reproductive health services. There are several key components of JTF. Grants are approved for Member Associations to carry out HIV/AIDS projects. Inter-regional training geared to boosting the capacity of MAs to propose and implement HIV/AIDS projects is organized annually, and projects to develop action plans focusing on advocacy work are supported. This report provides a brief outline of the projects undertaken with the funds allocated in 2001 and 2002 and implemented in 2002 and 2003."

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