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UNDP South East Asia HIV and Development Programme
Mapping Made Easy: A Guide to Understanding and Responding to HIV Vulnerability
UNDP, UNESCO, World Bank, UN World Food Programme, Family Health International, USAID, International Organization for Migration, World Vision International, October 2004, 66 pp

"Mapping Made Easy: A Guide to Understanding and responding to HIV Vulnerability is a step-by-step Guide to understanding and identifying spatial links related to HIV vulnerability. The Guide provides examples of how to use information to make maps and how maps are used to explain concepts in a visual way that most people can easily understand. This Guide can be a tool to build local and national capacity to map vulnerability and to respond to HIV. In addition, by integrating mapping into an Early Warning Rapid Response System (EWRRS), it can be used as a tool of good governance and can increase governments' and communities' abilities to idenitfy potential stressors that may increase HIV vulnerability and to respond by taking actions to pre-empt potential epidemics. A realistic understanding of HIV vulnerabilities in communities is the prerequisite to effective multisectoral responses engaging the health sector and other development sectors, such as agriculture, education, poverty reduction, rural development and transportation. This Guide has drawn from field experiences in Asia and Africa and includes maps and graphics from these experiences.

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