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Teokul, Waranya
An Assessment of Thailand’s Potential in Financing HIV/AIDS Care
Macro Social Policy Office, National Economic and Social Development Board, Office of the Prime Minister, Bangkok, Thailand
2002, 16 pp

"Thailand’s HIV/AIDS programme has evolved from initial public health interventions to incorporate social interventions. From 1988-2001, Thailand spent an estimated US $508.74 million for the prevention and management of its HIV/AIDS problem. Health interventions (especially medical treatment and care) receive approximately 60% of total programme spending in 2001. National Health Account 1998, revealed overall health expenditure of US$ 4144.81 million, to which public sector spending1 accounted for 61% of the total amount, the rest was from household and private sectors. Meanwhile, personal health care, consisting of patient and ambulatory cares, consumed 70.5% of health resources. While, scanty studies investigated household expenditure on HIV/AIDS. Most recent study (among 369 AIDS patients who sort care from three public hospitals in 1998) revealed average spending of US$ 93.4 per episode of treatment.The expenditure reported by AIDS patients in relation to treatment was 7.5 times higher than public health expenditure per capita reported in National Health Account (NHA) for the corresponding period. discussion on this paper will limit analysis to care as ARV treatment. This paper aims to provide facts and figures regarding the HIV/AIDS programme and total government spending patterns, in order to encourage further discussion regarding public finance implications due to shifting policy towards care and treatment, rather than to quantify resource needs and/or stipulate commitment from concerned parties."

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