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CRIS Unit, Country and Regional Support Department, UNAIDS
Country Response Information System: Overview of the System and its Plan of Establishment
Description of Work
UNAIDS, Geneva, March 2003, 46 pp

Reproduced with the kind permission of UNAIDS,


"Improved information and informed analysis are critical for the development of expanded national responses to HIV/AIDS. Some countries have developed HIV/AIDS surveillance systems and countries are increasingly collecting information on resources allocated for HIV/AIDS programmes and projects. Responding to the needs at the national and global levels for improved information and analysis, UNAIDS has embarked on an ambitious plan to establish an information system to support national AIDS responses. This document describes the historical development of the Country Response Information System (CRIS), and the related activities scheduled by UNAIDS in 2002 and 2003. It describes the philosophy of the proposed CRIS development for policy-makers and potential CRIS users. This philosophy stems from ongoing efforts to follow a modular approach to establishing a country-level information system. The system will be housed in National AIDS Councils (or equivalents)1, will contain national and subnational indicators, as well as programmatic information and key data pertinent to each national response. CRIS will provide partners in the global response to HIV/AIDS with a user-friendly system consisting of an indicator database, a project/resource-tracking database, a research inventory database and other important information. In particular, the indicator database, as the Þ rst component of the system to be operational,
provides countries with a tool for reporting on national follow-up to the UNGASS Declaration of Commitment on HIV/AIDS."

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