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New Zealand Ministry of Health
National Report on Monitoring the Follow-Up to the Declaration of Commitment on HIV/AIDS
UNAIDS, 2006, 52 pp

Reproduced with the kind permission of the Ministry of Health, New Zealand.


"The following instrument measures the second UNGASS national commitment and action indicator, a composite policy index designed to assess progress in the development and implementation of national level HIV/AIDS policies and strategies. It is an integral part of the list of core indicators, to be completed as part of UNGASS country reports 2006. The instrument supplements the previous one used in 2003, which serves as the baseline for comparable questions (see National Composite Policy Index in Guidelines on construction of core indicators, UNAIDS, Geneva, 2002). This revised National Composite Policy Index is more detailed than the previous one and puts more emphasis on progress made in policy implementation. It also aims to estimate the amount of effort put into national HIV and AIDS programmes by national level government, nongovernmental organizations and by international organizations. It intends to measure the strength of effort for programme inputs and outputs, to complement data on programme outcomes, such as behaviour change or decline in HIV prevalence that are reported on under 'National behaviour and impact indicators'. To the extent possible, this instrument has integrated many items of another suvey, the 'AIDS Programme Index effort' conducted in many countries by UNAIDS, USAID and the Policy project. It is hoped that this streamlined process of collecting data will help countries idenitfy gaps as well as prioritize programme activities."

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