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World Health Organization Regional Office for South-East Asia
Scaling Up HIV/AIDS: Prevention, Care and Treatment - Report of the National AIDS Programme Managers' Meeting, Bangkok, Thailand, 10-11 July 2004
World Health Organization Regional Office for South-East Asia, 2004, 54 pp

"The "3 by 5" goal to have 3 million people in low and middle-income countries on ART by the end of 2005 is ambitious. Estimates of the necessary resources are needed to facilitate resource mobilization and rapid channelling of funds to where they are required. It is estimated that between US$ 5.1 billion and US$ 5.9 billion will be needed by the end of 2005 to provide ART, support programmes, and cover country-level administrative and logistic costs for '3 by 5'. Scaling up ART was again the central theme of this year’s National AIDS
Programme Managers’ Meeting for the South-East Asia Region held from 10 to 11 July 2004 in Bangkok, Thailand. The meeting was attended by 34 participants including country representatives from Bangladesh, Bhutan, DPR Korea, Indonesia, Maldives, Myanmar, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Timor-Leste; non-governmental organizations (Australian Federation of AIDS Organizations); UNICEF East Asia and Pacific Regional Office (UNICEF EAPRO), World Bank, WHO headquarters, the SEA Regional Office and Country Offices. The objectives of the meeting were: To share global, regional and country experiences on scaling-up ARTand discuss issues and challenges relevant to South-East Asia; and to identify resource needs and prioritize activities to be included in
operational plans for scaling-up ART."

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