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Narain, Jai P. (ed)
AIDS in Asia: The Challenge Ahead
Sage, New Delhi, 2004, 395 pp

"Contents: Preface. 1. AIDS in Asia: the epidemic profile and lessons learnt so far/Jai P. Narain. 2. The economic and security dimensions of HIV/AIDS in Asia/Jette Nielsen and Bjorn Melgaard. 3. The Pandemic of HIV infection: lessons from Africa/Ahmed S. Latif. 4. The 100 per cent Condom use programme: a success story/Wiwat Rojanapithayakorn. 5. Management and control of sexually-transmitted infections and their implications for AIDS control in South-East Asia/Heiner Grosskurth and Gurumurthy Rangaiyan. 6. The '3 by 5' initiative: challenges and opportunities for Asia/Jai P. Narain and Charles F. Gilks. 7. Drug-related HIV in south and South East Asia/Swarup Sarkar, Anindya Chatterjee and Anne Bergenstrom. 8. HIV/AIDS and sexually-transmitted infections in Thailand: lessons learned and challenges ahead/Anupong Chitwarakorn. 9. HIV/AIDS in India: problem and response/Mohammed Shaukat and Salil Panakadan. 10. The China HIV/AIDS epidemic and current response/Shen Jie, Liu Kangmai, Han Mengjie and Zhang Fujie. 11. The AIDS situation in Nepal/B.K. Suvedi. 12. HIV/AIDS in Sri Lanka: the problem and the response/Iyanthi Abeyewickreme. 13. Response in a post-conflict setting: HIV and vulnerability in Afghanistan/Anne Bergenstrom and Naqibullah Safi. 14. Prevention of transfusion-transmissible HIV in Myanmar/Myint Zaw. 15. Occurrence and management of opportunistic infections associated with HIV/AIDS in Asia/Subhash K. Hira. 16. The challenge of HIV/TB in Asia/Jai P. Narain. 17. Antiretroviral treatment in resource-limited settings/Emanuele Pontali, Basil Vareldzis, Jos Perriens and Ying-Ru Lo. 18. Enhancing access to ARV in developing countries/Ranjit Roy Chaudhury. 19. Developing a national antiretroviral programme for people with HIV/AIDS: the experience of Thailand/Sombat Thanprasertsuk, Cheewanan Lertpiriyasuwat and Sanchai Chasombat. 20. Social and cultural dimensions of HIV/AIDS/Waranya Teokul. 21. NGOs in Asia: key partners in the fight against AIDS/Teresita Marie P. Bagasao. 22. Current issues in HIV vaccine development/Jose Esparza and Saladin Osmanov. 23. HIV vaccine development in South-East Asia/Jean Louis Excler.


"This important and comprehensive volume focuses on the epidemiological and programmatic aspects of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Asia. The contributors discuss the dynamics and determinants of HIV and cover a wide range of pertinent topics related to its prevention, care and treatment. These include:
The health, economic, sociocultural and security dimensions of HIV/AIDS. Antiretroviral treatment and the '3x5' initiative.
Management of HIV and sexually-transmitted infections.
Drug-related HIV. HIV vaccine development. The role played by NGOs. In addition, the volume provides country-specific HIV reports. The contributors highlight the success stories in both prevention and cure as also the lessons learned from the Asian response to the challenge. They argue that facilitating access to care, including antiretroviral treatment, is now a matter of crucial importance as is scaling up innovative practices that have proved effective in Asia. Covering a large number of Asian countries and based on actual experiences from the field, this volume will be invaluable for all those engaged in combating HIV throughout the world. In particular, it will be of immense use to all those involved in HIV/AIDS control programmes, public health professionals, health care workers and health administrators, as also to international agencies, NGOs and community-based organisations dealing with AIDS."

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