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South Pacific Commission
Regional Strategy for the Prevention and Control of STD/AIDS in Pacific Island Countries and Territories 1997-2000
South Pacific Commission, Noumea, 1997, 44 pp

Published with financial assistance from AusAID.


"The Regional Strategy provides a broad strategic framework, within which all parties will be encouraged to address STD/AIDS. The roles and responsibilities of the different partners in the regional STD/AIDS response are described. Ten strategic components make up the areas of activity in the strategy. The strategies recommended are chosen to complement and enhance the work at national and local levels. They have been identified and determined by Pacific Island representatives using a participatory process. The primary purpose of a regional STD/AIDS strategy is to support and enhance effective responses of PICTs. Such responses should be designed to meet the identified needs of the people and address the specific social, cultural, and economic factors underlying risk and vulnerability to HIV and STD infection in each country and territory. It is important that this strategy (even after endorsement) should be perceived as a working document. Experience of implementing the strategy, as well as lessons learnt from implementing other responses to the STD/AIDS epidemic in the region, should inform further development of the strategy. It is essential that implementation of the strategy be monitored and valuable lessons used to modify it as necessary."

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