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UNDP Regional HIV and Development Programme, South and North East Asia
Migration and HIV in South Asia
UNDP, n/d, 8 pp

"As the epidemic spreads wider, the link between migration and HIV is emerging stronger than ever before. A recent study by UNDP, in partnership with PLWHA groups in the Asia Pacific region, irrefutably demonstrates this reality. Nearly 67 percent of the people living with HIV/AIDS, who participated in the study, said that migration was the main factor that led to their HIV-vulnerability and better access to information and services could have helped to protect them. HIV and migration do not have a linear, cause and effect relationship, but are laterally linked. HIV is a manifestation of the inequalities and deprivation faced by migrants. Hostile and lonely environments, separation from families, lack of access to information and services and social support systems can lead to social and sexual practices that make them more susceptible to HIV exposure. However, it may be noted that migration in itself is not a vulnerability factor for HIV, but it is the unsafe process of migration that creates conditions of vulnerability."

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