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UNDP Regional HIV and Development Programme, South and North East Asia
From Challenges to Opportunities: Responses to Trafficking and HIV/AIDS in South Asia
UNDP, December 2003, 54 pp
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This monograph was prepared by a team of the UNDP Regional HIV and Development Programme, South and North East Asia, led by Sonam Yangchen Rana. The team comprising Rie Debabrata, G. Pramod Kumar, Clare Castillejo and Meera Mishra was supported by Ms. Patralekha Chatterjee, an independent journalist based in New Delhi, India. Photos are by Ms. Chatterjee.


"Through this publication, the UNDP Regional HIV and Development Programme (South and North East Asia) aims to share some innovative and path-breaking initiatives led by a few civil society partners in responding to the complex nexus of vulnerabilities of women and children in South Asia. It highlights the borderless nature of both the HIV epidemic and of trans-border human trafficking, which is becoming the third largest form of illegal trade after drugs and arms trafficking. In seeking to break through the silence and denial that surrounds such manifestations of violent and violative practices against women and young persons, this publication also analyses HIV/AIDS as a major developmental challenge that is closely interlinked with issues of socioeconomic inequity, stigma and human rights violations. These studies provide a regional and mutual learning- platform for various stakeholders who are at the forefront of antitrafficking and HIV/AIDS-related issues, including civil society partners, sex workers' collectives, PLWHA (people living with HIV/AIDS) organisations, government officials, law enforcement agencies, judicial machinery, media personnel and so on. The publication includes brief analyses of the organisations' successes, the challenges they face, the opportunities they open up, and the learning that emerges from initiatives ranging from sustained policy- level advocacy to groundbreaking grassroots-level action. The studies reflect considerable diversity in the scope of responses to the issues, be it in the field of safe mobility and informed migration, sustained media advocacy, rights-based recovery and repatriation, community-based care, support and reintegration or policy-level advocacy."

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