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Korea UNAIDS Information Support Center
Migration and HIV: Vulnerability Assessment Among Foreign Migrants in South Korea
UNDP Regional HIV and Development Programme
Korea UNAIDS Information Support Center, June 2004
Url Asia%20-%20Migration%20and%20HIV%20-%20Vulnerability%20Assessment%20Among%20Foreign%20Migrants%20in%20South%20Korea%20(2004).pdf

A study conducted among Bangladeshi, Han Chinese, Korean Chinese and Mongolian migrants in Seoul, Gyunggi-Inchon region and Daegu-Gyungbuk region.


"The study built on an exploratory design aimed at gathering preliminary information on the social and health issues that are impacting the spread of HIV/AIDS amongst Korea’s migrant community. The specific objectives of the study were as follows: 1. To analyze the situation of ethnic groups related to HIV/AIDS intervention, and to conduct a needs-based assessment of their situation. A. To collect information about their geographic location. B. To assess the feasibility of anonymous VCT services through outreach shelters. C. To assess the effectiveness of intervention tools and approaches. 2. The ultimate objective was to use the information gathered to design potential intervention programs that meet the basic needs of migrant workers and that provide care, counseling and support services. This study was initiated by the Korea UNAIDS Information Support Center, and proposed to the UNDP Regional HIV and Development Programme (REACH) in New Delhi."

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