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Tuberculosis and HIV: A Framework to AddressTB/HIV Co-Infection in the Western Pacific Region
World Health Organization, 2004, 46 pp
92 9061 091 3
Url TB_HIV_framework.pdf

"The rising number of HIV infections increasingly affects the TB prevalence in the Western Pacific Region (WPR), which carries up to one-third of the global TB burden. However, the TB/HIV problem has not yet reached epidemic proportions in most countries in the Region. Furthermore, the structure of the health service delivery system in many countries in the Region differs from the system in Sub-Saharan Africa. These considerations led the Stop TB and HIV/AIDS units in the WHO Western Pacific Regional Office to develop a Regional framework to address TB/HIV, fitting with the Region’s epidemiological situation and health care setting. This framework, which draws on the Global strategic framework to reduce the burden of TB/HIV 1 and on the Guidelines for phased implementation of collaborative TB and HIV activities,2 was developed based on the following two premises. First, the National TB Programme (NTP) needs to address the impact of HIV, i.e. higher caseload of TB and increasing drug-resistant TB, and to mobilize resources related to TB/HIV activities. Second, the National AIDS Programme (NAP) needs to prolong the life and reduce the suffering of PHA through better management of TB, and to mobilize resources for TB/HIV."

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