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Workshop on HIV, AIDS and STI in the Western Pacific Region
World Health Organization Regional Office for the Western Pacific, Manila, July 1999, 27 pp
Url Report_of_the_Regional_Workshop_on_HIV_AIDS_STI_Surveillance_WPR_June1999.pdf

21- 25 June 1999, Manila, Philippines.


"The general objective of the workshop was to strengthen HIV, AIDS and STI surveillance in the Western Pacific Region. At the end of the workshop, participants would have: (1) identified strengths and weaknesses of existing surveillance systems; (2) finalized operational guidelines for HIV, AIDS and STI surveillance in the Region; (3) defined regional standards, indicators and targets HIV, AIDS and STI surveillance; (4) reviewed methodologies and instruments for the flow and use of epidemiological data at national and regional level; and
(5) finalized a report on the status and trends of HIV, AIDS and STI. There were twenty-two participants from 14 countries in the Western Pacific Region, who are epidemiologists in charge of STI, HIV and AIDS surveillance at national level in
their respective countries."

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