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Meeting of Public Health Officials Responsible for the Prevention and Control of Sexually Transmitted Infections and HIV/AIDS in Pacific Island Countries and Territories
World Health Organization Regional Office for the Western Pacific, Manila, August 2001, 35 pp
Url Meeting_Report_STI_HIV_AIDS_prog_mgrs_from_the_Pacific_FIJ_June2001.pdf

Nadi, Fiji: 4-7 June 2001. (WP)HSI/ICP/HSI/003. Report series number: RS/2001/GE/16(FIJ)


"Since the days of the Global Programme on AIDS sponsored by the World Health Organization in the mid 1980, there has been little focus on programme management training for sexually transmitted infections (STI) and HIV/AIDS for Pacific island countries (PICs) and territories. Following the Time to Act study supported by UNAIDS and the development of the STI and HIV/AIDS Regional Strategy facilitated by the Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC), there has been little attention paid to building regional capacity in comprehensive programme management in STI and HIV/AIDS. A project facilitated by the MacFarlane Burnet Centre for Medical Research (MBC) focused on the development of national strategic plans by involving selected individuals from Pacific island countries. Recently, the World Health Organization developed the 2000 – 2002 plan of action for the prevention and control of STI in
the Pacific to focus on six areas: 1. awareness in the general population; 2. special outreach and services programmes for people with high risk behaviour; 3. primary health care services; 4. surveillance; 5. laboratory support; and 6. policy and programme management. This meeting, while addressing the major issues of concern for the countries and territories in the Pacific, focused on developing priority areas for action in the next year to enable support by the World Health Organization."

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