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WHO - World Health Organization
HIV/AIDS in Asia and the Pacific Region 2003
World Health Organization, 2004, 120 pp
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Url HIV_AIDS_Asia_Pacific_Region2003.pdf

"The 2001 report on HIV/AIDS in Asia and the Pacific region published by the WHO Regional Offices for South-East Asia and the Western Pacific presented an overview of the HIV/AIDS pandemic, followed by a description of the general patterns and prevalence of HIV risk behaviours and HIV prevalence trends in the region, as well as in individual countries. This vast geographic region combines the WHO South-East Asia and Western Pacific Regions and contains 60% of the total world population. Thus, even low HIV infection rates in this region will contribute millions of additional people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) and deaths to the already staggering global toll of AIDS. This report provides an update on HIV/AIDS in the region and focuses on the continuing HIV prevalence trends noted in the previous report. It also noted some changes that may be occurring with regard to the public health surveillance and epidemiology of HIV/AIDS. In addition, the epidemiological patterns of HIV, especially current HIV transmission dynamics, are described for each country."

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