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Guidelines for HIV/AIDS, STI, and Behavioural Risk Factors Surveillance: Pacific Island Countries and Areas
World Health Organization Regional Office for the Western Pacific, 2000, 24 pp
Url Guidelines_for_HIV_AIDS_STI_Behavioural_Risk_Factors_Surveillance_PIC_2000.pdf

" This manual is intended to serve as a guideline for Pacific island countries and areas for developing surveillance activities to assess the magnitude and distribution of HIV and sexually transmitted infections (STI) in their communities; to obtain information on behaviours which put persons at increased risk of acquiring these infections; and to monitor changes in HIV, STI, and risk behaviours over time. The goal of this manual is to provide a framework of surveillance strategies that are appropriate to Pacific island communities, and which will provide adequate information without expending more resources than are necessary. This mix of surveillance methods is the product of a consultative meeting on communicable disease surveillance held in Nadi, Fiji, 22-26 November 1999, and reflects the consensus of the attendees. It is anticipated that the proposed surveillance will provide high quality data for planning and decision-making."

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