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Positive Voices: Emerging Governance Issues on HIV and AIDS in Asia
ActionAid, April 2006, 135 pp

In continuation of the earlier 2004 report 'Time to Act'. Reproduced with ActionAid's kind permission.


" At the HIV and AIDS regional meet of ActionAid International in August 2005, participants set out the mandate for the organisation's second report on HIV and AIDS. Its primary thrust was that AIDS is a political issue. The statement emerging from the meet further outlined its wider linkages as an issue of people's rights, of human and economic development, dignity and well-being. It advocated intensifying the HIV and AIDS control efforts by addressing the political will of all concerned, with the objective of creating conditions that decrease vulnerability to HIV as well as ensuring access to means of prevention and treatment. This report is based on the understanding that AIDS control cannot be carried on in isolation. The positive people's demands tell us that very clearly. The spread of HIV and the extent of suffering it causes is influenced by policies affecting all spheres of people's lives; economic, social, cultural and political. The extent of socio-economic development and the models adopted to achieve economic growth are crucial determinants. Colonial and neo-colonial structures of governance have generated conditions in Asian countries that make them vulnerable to HIV."

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