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Baxter, H., M. Suga, and L. Lahm
Report and Recommendation of the President to the Board of Directors on a Proposed Asian Development Fund Grant to the Secretariat of the Pacific Community for the HIV/AIDS Prevention and Capacity Development in the Pacific Project
Asian Development Bank
ADB - Asian Development Bank, October 2005, 60 pp

Reproduced with permission from the Asian Development Bank from the ADB website,


"The current response to HIV/AIDS in the Pacific is underfunded. Pacific governments have committed to a comprehensive regional strategy and various programs are under way. Existing efforts urgently need to be scaled up and extended...The Project has four components: (i) Strengthening surveillance. This component focuses on developing national HIV/AIDS surveillance capacity, with a focus on developing methodologies and skills for conducting second-generation surveys to better understand the status of and risk factors governing HIV infection and prevention among high-risk subpopulations across the region. The activities will focus mainly on building capacity so that the countries and the region can mobilize and target resources to curb growing rates of infection. (ii) Community-based interventions for HIV/AIDS prevention. This component will provide support for a regional condom social marketing program, including the design and delivery of mass media and targeted communication programs promoting condom use and the supply of male and female condoms; for behavior change communication (BCC) programs, including the development of tailored BCC materials and the design and delivery of BCC programs; and for sexually transmitted infection (STI) treatment and care programs, including the provision of training for local health care workers and of equipment and materials for STI treatment facilities. (iii) Targeted interventions for vulnerable groups. This component focuses on supporting targeted interventions for vulnerable populations in the project Pacific developing member countries (PDMCs), including (a) establishing five drop-in centers for seafarers and their communities with information about HIV/AIDS, STIs, and safe sex and referrals to appropriate services; (b) developing and distributing information, education, and communication materials for vulnerable groups; (c) providing targeted training for nongovernment organizations working with vulnerable groups; (d) providing support for regional maritime schools in training on HIV/AIDS and STIs; (e) providing training in enhancing livelihood skills for HIVpositive people; and (f) providing antiretroviral drugs for HIV-positive people. (iv) Project management. This component will manage the Project and includes project planning, monitoring, and evaluation."

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