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Körner, Henrike; Maria Petrohilos; Daniel Madeddu
Living With HIV and Cultural Diversity in Sydney
National Centre in HIV Social Research, Sydney, 2005, 22 pp

Monograph 4/2005. Reproduced with kind permission of the National Centre in HIV Social Research, The University of New South Wales.


"There is a significant body of Australian research that provides insights into the experiences of people living with HIV/AIDS in Australia. However, there is no research that provides insights into the lived experience of people with HIV/AIDS from CALD (culturally and linguistically diverse) backgrounds in this country. For example, successive HIV Futures studies of large samples of people living with HIV/AIDS have not successfully recruited participants from CALD backgrounds. In the most recent survey, HIV Futures 4, less than 1% of the sample spoke a language other than English at home (Grierson et al., 2004). Our study, the first of its kind, was funded to address this significant research gap and was concerned with the lived experience of HIV-positive people from CALD backgrounds in Sydney. We wanted to investigate the interrelationship of living with HIV and belonging to culturally diverse groups outside the Anglo-Celtic mainstream. The focus was on common issues across cultures and ethnicities. The study is based on the understanding that individuals live within complex historically and culturally constructed social relations, that human actions and relations are embedded in social structures, and that history and culture shape the potentials as well as the constraints of people’s lives (Dowsett, 1996)."

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