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Hennessey, Chris
Research on Available and Potential Support Systems for Children Infected/Affected by HIV/AIDS in Thailand
Save the Children UK, 2001, 13 pp

"SC (UK) is currently in the process of conducting a research study to identify where the agency could most effectively and usefully assist the national Thailand HIV/AIDS programme in reducing the vulnerability and impact of HIV/AIDS on the most vulnerable and affected groups of children. As part of the research project, it was decided to examine the existing and potential support structures at all levels for children infected or affected by HIV/AIDS. Specifically, the research study aimed to clarify the following information: Examine the mechanisms by which structures at all levels (government agencies, NGOs, CBOs) both are and could assist families affected by HIV/AIDS. What efforts are being made to mobilise communities to assist families affected by HIV/AIDS by the various stakeholders. What do children (infected and/or affected by ill parents or by being orphaned), ill parents, and carers see as their needs. Identify the percentage of children affected by HIV/AIDS who go to orphanages. Are orphanages promoted by GoT, NGOs religious and local government bodies for orphaned children? What do orphanages with infected and orphaned children see as their role (short and long term)? To what extent are property/inheritance rights for children being protected? What do community members/leaders see as the main needs of children infected and affected by HIV/AIDS and their role in assisting them? Interviews with representatives of government, NGO and CBO organizations based in Chiang Mai and Bangkok were conducted during four working days. There were a number of constraints encountered during the information gathering phase of the research study. For example, it was not possible to arrange focus group discussions with children infected or affected by HIV/AIDS to assess their needs. Nor was it possible to arrange interviews with community leaders during the research study." This report details the findings of this study.

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