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Iniakwala, Dr Dennie
Situational and Response Analyses for HIV/AIDS & STI Prevention, Control, Care and Support Services in Pacific Region in Relation to the Components of the 1997-2000 Regional AIDS/STD Strategic Plan
Secretariat of the Pacific Community
Secretariat of the Pacific Community, March 2004, 23 pp

Reproduced with the Secretariat of the Pacific Community's kind permission.


"In August 2002, eleven Pacific Island Countries agreed to put up a proposal to the Global Fund. This proposal was accepted, resulting in the signing of the grant agreement in June 2003, with the project commencing in July 2003. A regional HIV/AIDS initiative supported by the Australian and French governments commenced in January 2004. This initiative is assisting PICTs to develop a regional strategy on HIV/AIDS; to develop and implement national strategies on HIV/AIDS; and strengthen HIV and STI surveillance in the region. One of the key activities for component one in the design document of the French-Australian Pacific Regional HIV/AIDS Initiative is the need to conduct a situational and response analysis for the HIV/AIDS and STI prevention, control, care and support services in Pacific region in relation to 1997-2000 regional AIDS/STD strategic plan. It is anticipated that the analysis will also provide information and identify issues to be incorporated in the new Regional Strategy on HIV/AIDS. This report presents a brief overview of major findings and observations of the HIV/AIDS & STI prevention, control, care and support services in relation to the areas covered in the 1997/2000 regional strategy."

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