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India HIV/AIDS Alliance and the Resource Center for Sexual Health and HIV/AIDS
Supporting Safe ARV Treatment in India: Building Treatment Friendly Communities
Rapid Assessment Study: Manipur and Andhra Pradesh
India HIV/AIDS Alliance, 2006, 32 pp
Url Supporting_safe_ARV_treatment.pdf

"The India HIV/AIDS Alliance conducted a rapid assessment study in two sites; Imphal, the capital of the north eastern state of Manipur, and Vijaywada, the commercial centre of Andhra Pradesh. Among the issues covered in this study were: the psychological, social and material needs of those who are on ART, the experience of disclosure by people on ARV treatment and the experience of stigma and discrimination by people on ARV treatment as well as their supporters. Methods developed and used by the International HIV/AIDS Alliance for similar studies in other countries were adapted for use in the Indian context. These methods included: One-to-one interviews with people on ART (PoART); Key informant interviews with treatment supporters (family members/ employers); Key informant interviews with health care providers; Focused group discussions with community members; Case studies on PoART. The study has enlisted recommendations targeting households & individuals, communities including health care centers, and policy makers."

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