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Smith, Mohga Kamal
Gender, Poverty and Intergenerational Vulnerability to HIV/AIDS
Oxfam GB, 2002, 9 pp

Article originally appeared in Gender and Development Vol 10 No 3


"This article looks at HIV/AIDS, poverty and gender, and focuses on young girls and old women. It starts with some basic facts about HIV/AIDS, and then provides a framework for analysing vulnerability to the infection and to its impact, in relation to gender and age. It briefly outlines institutional responses, and ends up with conclusion and recommendations for development planners to combine gender and age analysis in any development or humanitarian work. HIV/AIDS, gender and age Traditionally, development programmes have tended to focus on men and women of reproductive age as the prime target for community projects, since this age is also the age at which people are at their peak of economic productivity. However, HIV/AIDS is leading to demographic changes and changes in the traditional roles and responsibilities of different age groups. These changes are forcing development planners to re-think their response to poverty. The demographic shift has also meant they have to re-think their response to gender inequality."

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