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Holden, Sue
AIDS on the Agenda: Adapting Development and Humanitarian Programmes to Meet the Challenge of HIV
Part 1: Mainstreaming AIDS in development and humanitarian programmes: background and rationale
Oxfam GB in association with ActionAID and Save The Children, Oxford, November 2003, 124 pp
0 85598 469 4

See related publications for links to part II and III, and a section on resources.


"This book is written for policy-makers, managers, and programme staff in development and humanitarian organisations, to promote debate about the changes that need to be made to their programmes if they are to work effectively in a world which has been changed for ever by the pandemic of AIDS. It is not concerned with AIDS-specific interventions such as home-based care, counselling and testing, condom promotion, or AIDS education. It is about adapting mainstream development and humanitarian work to create a holistic response to the impact of AIDS on poor and marginalised communities. It also addresses the need to modify internal human-resource policies to protect employees and the on-going work of any organisation operating in AIDS-prone contexts. The text is based on case studies drawn from the experiences of ActionAid, Oxfam GB, Save The Children, and their partners; on insights contributed by other agencies; and on information gathered from websites and published papers, reports, and books."

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