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Aahung, Shazia Mohammad Habib Ahmed Afsar
Guidelines for BCC: Enhancing Content and Strategies for Harm Reduction Service Provision
National AIDS Control Programme (Pakistan) & Futures Group, Karachi, September 2004

"The use of drugs is a behavioural issue. This behaviour is associated with problems at various levels and dimensions. One of these problems with catastrophic potential is the spread of HIV through injecting drug use and/or un-safe sex. The DFID-funded HIV/AIDS Prevention with Drug Harm Reduction in Pakistan (HAPDHRP) Project is being implemented by Futures Group in all four provincial capitals of Pakistan as a part of the Enhanced HIV/AIDS Control Programme of the Government of Pakistan. NGOs have been contracted to provide Harm Reduction (HR) services in these cities based on a comprehensive service package prescribed by the Steering Committee of the project. he provision of HR services heavily depends on strategies and activities aimed at behavioural change in the drug users. The NGO service providers working through the HAPDHRP Project are doing excellent work and have demonstrated high motivation and dedication. A need existed to streamline the mechanisms and strategies employed by the NGO service providers to form a Behaviour Change Communication (BCC) framework. This framework should illustrate good practices and propose the means to
address the weaknesses so that solid and need-based BCC which complements and strengthens the Harm Reduction services can be

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