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AIDSNET - Danish NGO Network on AIDS and Development
Baseline study of Danish NGO’s Policies and Strategies
AIDSNET, Copenhagen, April 2004
Url aidsnetwhosynergisingmanual_ver2.pdf

"This report describes and analyses the results of the various activities carried out as part of the baseline study on the Danish NGO Network on AIDS and Development’s HIV/AIDS policies and strategies, with focus on the South. The report attempts to give an overview of the main results. The selection of policies and strategies are especially dealing with the following areas: Policies with a specific focus on HIV/AIDS prevention, care support and treatment; Internal management mechanism of the organisations with a specific focus on staff policy; Projects and programmes with a specific focus on stigmatisation and children/youth. The study includes an introduction to the policy and strategy concept in relation to HIV/AIDS projects and programmes, and guidance to organisations wishing to introduce policies and strategies in their organisations. The study is also giving a short presentation of two major approaches, which many of the members of AIDSnet are working with, i.e. Mainstreaming and the Rights-Based Approach."

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