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Plummer, David; Margaret Lokoloko; Alison Heywood; Albert Bunat
Evaluation of the PNG National HIV/AIDS Support Project
AusAID, Canberra, December 2005, 86 pp
1 920861 661

Evaluation and Review Series- No. 38 December 2005. Reproduced with AusAID's kind permission.


"Papua New Guinea has emerged as a ‘hot spot’ for HIV in the Asia-Pacific Region. In 2002, the country became the fourth in the region to be formally classed as having a ‘generalised epidemic’, when HIV prevalence in key antenatal clinics passed 1%. HIV has now spread throughout PNG and the next phase of the PNG response will be critical in determining how severe the epidemic will be. To date, the mainstream government institutions in PNG have been limited in their response to the threat that HIV poses. The resources and personnel deployed have fallen short of what is required. Much of the responsibility has fallen on donors. Approximately 90% of
funding for HIV initiatives in PNG comes from donors, and 95% of that donor funding comes from Australia. While this support reflects well on international goodwill, it highlights limitations in PNG’s internal capacity to deal with HIV. Donor support will continue to be a critical element in the PNG response to HIV/AIDS for the foreseeable future. This report examines the past 5-year program of Australian support for the PNG response to HIV/AIDS through the National HIV/AIDS Support Project (NHASP).

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