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AHRN - Asian Harm Reduction Network
Scaling Up Provision of Anti-retrovirals to Injecting Drug Users and Non-injecting drug users in Asia, World Health Organization "3 x 5" initiative
AHRN, IHRA, WHO, Chiang Mai, 2004, 37 pp

Reproduced with AHRN's kind permission.


"This report was prepared to support WHO efforts to introduce and scale up anti-retroviral therapy (ARV) according to the WHO 3x5 initiative which is designed to provide three million people with ARV by the year 2005. The International Harm Reduction Association (IHRA) together with regional harm reduction networks was asked to recommend strategies for scaling up ARV to injecting drug users (IDU) and to identify the potential role of the harm reduction networks. This report gives a regional and country specific overview of the current situation with regards to the provision of services including ARV to IDU/DU in Asia. It provides an analysis of the political environment that impedes or facilitates the provision of ARV to IDU, and offers some recommendations for scaling up ARV and identifies possible models of care."

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