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Health Information Consulting
InfoDev: Facilitating Communications in Response to HIV/AIDS in South-East Asia
UNAIDS - Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS, Geneva, July 2001, 53 pp
92 9173 100 5

UNAIDS Best Practice Collection Case Study (UNAIDS/01.45E)


" To support the development of a regional approach to HIV/AIDS, UNAIDS, with funding from the World Bank, has coordinated an infoDev project, focused on increasing e-mail connectivity between strategic allies working in the HIV/AIDS field in South-East Asia. infoDev is a global grant programme managed by the World Bank to promote innovative projects on the use of information and communication technologies (ICTs), with a special emphasis on the needs of the poor in developing countries. The second, much larger phase of the project was intended to expand the network by increasing connectivity to many more strategic allies in these countries. The overall objective was to facilitate the exchange of information and experiences in the region, thereby expanding and strengthening the regional networks involved in HIV/AIDS. This included the following more detailed objectives: 1. dissemination of information related to HIV/AIDS within a country; 2. interactive dialogue on HIV/AIDS between organizations and individuals within a country; 3. interactive dialogue on HIV/AIDS between organizations and individuals in the region; and 4. general development of the use of ICTs in the health sector. The second phase has been completed in five of the nine countries. Recently, a formal evaluation of the infoDev project was completed to assess the project’s success and make recommendations for the design and implementation of future network-building projects. The findings from the report Evaluation of infoDev project in South-East Asia form the basis of this case study. This case study focuses on phase two of the project with particular reference to three countries the Philippines, Thailand and Viet Nam. The case study highlights the different processes utilized and outcomes achieved in each of the three countries and discusses the lessons learned from the project. This approach enables an extrapolation of a methodology for establishing and implementing similar electronic networking projects in the future."

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