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UNAIDS - Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS
Evaluation of the 100% Condom Programme in Thailand
AIDS Division, Ministry of Public Health, Thailand
UNAIDS - Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS, July 2000, 55 pp

UNAIDS Case Study.
Reproduced with the kind permission of UNAIDS.


" The 100% Condom Programme has contributed to substantial and well-documented increases in condom use in sex work throughout Thailand. While use rates are not 100 per cent, they do exceed 90 per cent in many direct and some indirect sex establishments. The programme has had somewhat less success in some harder to reach indirect sites, but condom use rates in these sites are still substantially higher than they were before the start of the programme. Given the role of sex work in HIV transmission in Thailand, and how well the increases in condom use in sex work mirror the major reductions in STDs and HIV incidence observed in the country, this programme has clearly assisted in efforts to control the HIV/AIDS epidemic (UNAIDS 1998). In concert with the National AIDS Education and Condom Promotion Campaign, this programme has also contributed to observed prevalence declines of HIV among young Thai men, pregnant women, and sex workers on a national scale."

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