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Government of Papua New Guinea
Written replies by the Government of Papua New Guinea concerning the list of issues (CRC/C/Q/PNG/1) received by the Committee on the Rights of the Child relating to the consideration of the initial report of Papua New Guinea (CRC/C/28/Add.20)
Government of Papua New Guinea, Port Moresby, 21 January 2004, 40 pp



"Papua New Guinea ratified the Convention on the Rights of the Child in 1993. The Initial Country Report was compiled in 1999 and submitted. We are happy to be here at this meeting with the Committee on the Rights of the Child considering the Initial Country Report to this Committee. Since the compilation of the Initial Report in 1999 and the situation of children, the government’s policy and legislative environment at that time, there have been strides forward in the country’s efforts to improve the conditions of children and the fulfillment of their basic rights. Even though the social and economic challenges continue to prevail and negatively impact upon the country and the children of Papua New Guinea, nevertheless progress has been in response to these challenges. Such progress has been in the policy environment, making it more conducive to the protection and fulfillment of children’s rights. Amongst others, some of the achievements of the year 2003 were; 1. The launching of the Atlas on the children of Papua New Guinea by Executive Director, Ms Carol
Bellamy. 2. the establishment of the first Juvenile Courts in the country and the juvenile justice reform exercise 3. the declaration of the Safe Motherhood Year, 4. the national symposium on girl’s education and identification and a greater awareness on the issue of disparities in girls education in certain provinces of the country 5. the gazettal of the amendments on the Criminal Code & Evidence legislations relating to sexual offences against women and children. 6. the reform of the child welfare legislation and the training of welfare officers throughout the country 7. the passage of the HIV/AIDS Management bill. "

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