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Jenkins, Carol
Female Sex Worker HIV Prevention Projects: Lessons Learnt from Papua New Guinea, India and Bangladesh
UNAIDS, Geneva, November 2000, 130 pp

UNAIDS Best Practice Collection


"The set of case studies in this collection emerged from a session entitled Best Practices in Female Sex Worker Projects held at the Fourth International Congress on AIDS in Asia and the Pacific in Manila, October 1997. Preparation for the session began in May 1997 when UNAIDS sponsored an effort to learn about sex worker projects in the region. Lists of known potential projects were elicited from sex work networks, well-connected individuals and researchers. A call for responses was placed on the SEA-AIDS list server. After intensive communication with 25 sex worker projects in the Asia-Pacific region, five were selected that asserted they could produce data to document their impact and effectiveness. It was decided to omit male and transgender sex worker projects, so as not to sideline them, and to place them in their own category for a future review. It was also decided to omit the national sex worker programme in Thailand as it was being documented on its own as a successful best practice case study. The selected projects were requested to send a sex worker and a manager to the Congress, able to discuss the nature of their projects, each from her own point of view. The session took place in several languages with translations, a time-consuming exercise, but because of the candid and forthright personalities of the sex workers involved, was nonetheless very lively. Those attending felt the session was a success in demonstrating some of the effective strategies available and showing the strength of sex workers themselves in bringing about the success of their projects."

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