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MAP - Monitoring the AIDS Pandemic Network
Male-Male Sex and HIV/AIDS in Asia
MAP - Monitoring the AIDS Pandemic, 2005, 24 pp

"HIV/AIDS interventions throughout Asia have maintained a deathly silence on the subject of sex between men. This has left many males who have sex with males (MSM) unaware of the need to protect themselves from HIV and ignorant of the prac-tices that will lower their risk of being infected.For many years, there was virtually no data collected about MSM and HIV in most Asian countries. Recent efforts to fill this gap have confirmed some people’s fears certain MSM popu-lations have alarmingly high HIV prevalence rates. Studies are also beginning to yield insights into the factors driving MSM HIV/AIDS epidemics.The purpose of this booklet is twofold: 1. to summarize key findings about the epidemiology of HIV/AIDS among Asian MSM; and, 2. to discuss the programmatic impli-cations of those findings."

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