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MAP - Monitoring the AIDS Pandemic Network
Sex Work and HIV/AIDS in Asia
MAP - Monitoring the AIDS Pandemic, 2005, 32 pp

"People who buy and sell sex pose one of the high-risk behaviours for HIV exposure in Asia. It is therefore essen-tial for HIV prevention interventions to take into account the nature of the Asian sex industry. The purpose of this booklet is twofold: 1. to summarize what researchers have learned about the epidemiol-ogy of HIV/AIDS within Asian com-mercial sex networks; and, 2. to discuss the programmatic impli-cations of those findings.The central epidemiological issues were presented in detail in AIDS in Asia: Face the Facts, a report issued by the Monitoring the AIDS Pandemic (MAP) Network in 2004. This publication follows up by highlighting the points that relate specifically to the spread of HIV through commercial sex. It also describes how those points should inform HIV prevention strategies."

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