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ANCAHRD - Australian National Council on AIDS, Hepatitis C and Related Diseases
ANCAHRD Annual Report 2000-2001
2002, 103 pp

"This year's Annual Report is presented, as have been each of its predecessors, against an everchanging background. In recent years the environments in which the epidemics of HIV/ AIDS and hepatitis C have been played out have continued to shift in a quite protean fashion. In relation to HIV/AIDS we have witnessed not only a continued apparent inability to drive down the rate of new infections below the plateau figure which we have been stuck on for some years, but we have also recently seen a small yet significant rise in both levels of newly reported infections and a genuinely significant increase in reported levels of unsafe sexual practices. What all of this means is still unclear - the changing dynamics of reported behaviour revealed in some surveys of gay men may be mitigated by the development of new patterns of personal responses to the challenges of having sex in an era of increased "AIDS optimism" and access to combination therapies and post-exposure prophylaxis. I for one, am simply not prepared to make the call at this stage."

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