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Infrastructure Benchmarks for the Design, Implementation and Evaluation of HIV/AIDS Health Promotion Programs for Gay and Homosexually Active Men
ANCAHRD - Australian National Council on AIDS, Hepatitis C and Related Diseases, September 1999, 37 pp

"As part of the implementation of the third National HIV/AIDS Strategy, the Commonwealth Department of Health and Aged Care commissioned a review of gay and other homosexually active men's education in Australia. The Review, conducted by the Australian Centre for Health Promotion, found the need to improve the quality and effectiveness of health promotion interventions. The Review found that Australia has been remarkably successful in containing the spread of the epidemic, particularly in comparison with a range of other countries. It also found that education has been a significant and effective component of the overall HIV/AIDS response and that the partnerships and structures that had been developed to design and deliver education programs have contributed to the effectiveness of this response. In particular, the combination of bipartisan political support, leadership and advocacy from gay community groups, a strong research base, partnerships between government, nongovernment and community organisations and community based structures that were involved in the design and delivery of education programs for gay and other homosexually active men have contributed to the effectiveness of this response."

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