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Advisory Council on AIDS, Hong Kong
Moving Ahead Together - Expanding Hong Kong's Response to AIDS
Advisory Council on AIDS Hong Kong, 1998, 50 pp

Reproduced with the Hong Kong Advisory Council on AIDS' kind permission.


"This report presents the findings and recommendations of the external consultant team, which has tried to bring international perspectives and experiences from other countries to the table. In reviewing and analysing the situation and response to HIV/AIDS in Hong Kong the team has relied on the comprehensive internal assessment report prepared by the secretariat of the Advisory Council on AIDS, on additional research and documents describing the situation and response in Hong Kong, and on the inputs of many of the
institutions and individuals currently involved in HIV/AIDS prevention and care efforts. The latter include government departments, community-based groups, nongovernmental organisations (NGOs), people living with HIV and AIDS, and other individuals as well as members of the Advisory Council on AIDS and the Council for the AIDS Trust Fund."

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  • Advisory Council on AIDS, Hong Kong, Internal Assessment Report - A Review of the HIV/AIDS Situation and the Programmes on its Prevention, Care and Control in Hong Kong, Advisory Council on AIDS Hong Kong, April 1998, 247 pp. [ PDF File | Details... ]