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Gill, Bates; J. Stephen Morrison; Drew Thompson
Defusing China's Time Bomb: Sustaining the Momentum of China's HIV/AIDS Response
A Report of the CSIS HIV/AIDS Delegation to China, April 13-18, 2004
CSIS - Center for Strategic and International Studies, Washington, D.C., 2004, 40 pp

Reproduced with the CSIS's kind permission.


"Building on the accomplishments of the January 2003 CSIS HIV/AIDS Delegation to China, and at the invitation of Executive Vice Minister of Health, Mr. Gao Qiang, from April 13–18, 2004, the second CSIS delegation visit to China engaged a diversity of Chinese leaders, within and outside the health sector, in the capital, Beijing; in urban Wuhan City; and in rural Suizhou County, Hubei Province in east-central China. This undertaking is part of a broader initiative at CSIS that seeks to build bipartisan consensus on critical U.S. HIV/AIDS policy initiatives and to emphasize to senior U.S. policymakers, opinion leaders, and the corporate sector the centrality of
U.S. leadership in strengthening country-level capacities to enhance prevention, care, and treatment of HIV/AIDS. Since 2003, this work at CSIS has expanded its regional scope, with an emphasis on building U.S. bilateral engagement in the large, populous, and geostrategically important states facing a looming HIV/AIDS threat, such as China, India, and Russia, which are part of the “Second Wave of the global HIV/AIDS epidemic. "

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