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ADB - Asian Development Bank
Development, Poverty and HIV/AIDS: ADB's Strategic Response to a Growing Epidemic
ADB, April 2005, 48 pp

Reproduced with permission from the Asian Development Bank from the ADB website,


"HIV/AIDS is not simply a health issue and cannot be addressed through the health sector alone. Its spread is fuelled by both economic development (including prominently the increased connectivity that comes with improved roads and other infrastructure) and poverty and is perpetuated by the social and cultural sensitivities long deemed untouchable. Leadership in the fight against this spread must therefore come from the top of governments and include comprehensive support from national planning agencies, finance, energy, transport and communication ministries, as well as civil society and the private sector. ADB has a key role to play in mobilizing and supporting this leadership given its long-standing relationships and reputation for working with these non-health agencies. Moreover, ADB can provide leadership and fill an existing gap in the region by developing approaches to HIV/AIDS that mitigate the risk and impact of HIV/AIDS spread in sectors such as transport and energy."

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